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July 2021

Please note: The service is currently running version 16.04 of the L0 rules.

Latest L0 rule documentation posted:Here

The service is displaying 20-21 school year data for the following scorecards:

- Demo, Enroll, Programs (SIS)
- Programs SE, Snapshot
- Location Marking Period
- Course
- Course Instructor Assignment
- Student Class Entry Exit
- Assessment Fact
- Attendance Codes
- Student Daily Attendance
- Day Calendar
- IEP Comparison
Note: NYSED is no longer collecting the Staff Student Course template, therefore we have removed that scorecard from the collection.

Certify/nVision Clients should expect to see the following Staff Data scorecard(s):
- Staff Snapshot
- Staff Assignment
- Staff Attendance
- Staff Tenure

Please make us aware of any issues you see with your scorecards.

As always, we welcome any of your questions or comments.

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Support Contact Information

Feedback welcome.

Please contact us if you have questions:

Gaeann Bianco at gbianco@lhric.org
Denise Consaga at dconsaga@lhric.org

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