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Monday November 6th, 2017:
Please note the following:
- Staff Student Course scorecards are available for review
- Don't forget to review your IEP Comparison Scorecards in preparation for Special Ed Beds Day Reporting!

Wed September 20th, 2017:

The scorecards below are now available in the service.
We are running v12.04a of the L0 rules and are working on v13.0.
Please note the following:
- Staff Student Course scorecards will be available once we begin receiving complete data from Student Systems.
- Course Instructor Assignment and Student Class Entry Exit will display high error counts until Staff Snapshot has been loaded to L0.

Please make us aware of any issues you may experience with the service as we open the New Year. As always, we welcome any of your questions or comments.

Thank you for your participation in our service!

Demo, Enroll, Programs (SIS)
Programs SE, Snapshot
Course Instructor Assignment
Student Class Entry Exit
Assessment Acc Mod Fact
Assessment Fact
Student Daily Attendance
Day Calendar
Location Marking Period
Attendance Codes
IEP Comparison

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Support Contact Information

Feedback welcome.

Please contact Denise Consaga at dconsaga@lhric.org OR Eileen Conforto at econforto@lhric.org.

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